GnuCash gnucash-1.8.8-0.9 under RHEL 3 ES

Jean-David Beyer jdbeyer at
Sun Apr 4 21:43:40 CEST 2004

With lots of help from people on this board, I finally have it running 
without segmentation faults, etc.. I.e., it seems to work as well as 
whatever came with Red Hat Linux 7.3.

Basically, I had to install a bunch of libraries that came with RHEL 3 
ES but do not load during the installation procedures. Then I had to 
supplement them with a bunch from Red Hat Linux 9. Then I had to get one 
or two from Fedora, and one from rpmfind that I could not find anywhere 

Mark Eackloff sent me this list:

You need Guppi-0.40.3-13 from RH9.

You need bonobo-1.0.22-4 from RH9
        which requires oaf-0.5.1  (0.6.10-5 from RH9 works) and
    gnome-print-0.37.4 from RH9
        which requires libgnomeprint15-0.37.4-1 from RH9

You need g-wrap-1.3.4-3 from RH9
    which requires guile-1.6.4-8.2 from RH9.03 Beta Updates
    (guile-1.6.4-8 from RHEL3)  1.6.4-8 will allow you to install the 
gnucash rpm but you will get run time errors on startup.

You need gtkhtml-1.1.9-0.9.1 from RH9
    which requires libcapplet0- from RH9 and
    GConf-1.0.9-10 from RH9

You need libgal21-0.23-1 from RH9
    which requires gal-0.23-1 from RH9

I had trouble with some, as I said in my reply to him:

The ones I had trouble with were:

libgnomeprint15-0.37.4-1 from RH9: On my RHL9 Disk #1 I found only
                                    libgnomeprint15-0.37-4, but it
                                    worked. I could not find the version
                                    you list using Google.
gtkhtml-1.1.9-0.9.1 from RH9:      On my RHL9 Disk #1, I found only
                                    gtkhtml-1.1.8-5. I found one using
                                    Google, but IIIRC, it was from
                                    Fedora, not RHL9.
guile-1.6.4-8.2 from RH9.03 Beta Updates: I could not find "Beta
                                           Updates", but I found this as
                                           part of Fedora's official
                                           release 1.
libcapplet0-         This is not on my RHL9 Disk #1 either,
                                   but libcapplet0- is, so I
                                   used that.
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