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> The question has been brought up concerning storing secure information
> (encrypted) on an internal server we have and allowing multiple
> personnel to be able to decrypt that info. Can you encrypt a file
> against multiple keys? Is having a departmental or company key that
> everyone has a good idea (does not seem like it would be)? I am just
> looking for some suggestions on how to implement this or some examples
> of how this has been done by members of the list.

PGP/GPG will let you encrypt a message to any number of users at once.

last i checked, MIT-PGP (tm) had a feature that's sort of like a
key-escrow, so if someone leaves the company, email encrypted to them can
be decrypted with the "other" key. GnuPG doesn't support that, but in some
workplaces you can do almost the same thing by adding a "recipient" line
to a user's config file.

keys used by more than one individual person are almost always a bad idea,
but you'll really have to assess the security risks, concerns, threats,
etc to get a picture of what level of security you want/need and what
applications (PGP, symmetric encryption, file-system encryption, etc) will
help you get there.


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