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notation data ( and policy URL ( seem to be the place
for human readable notes that don't fit neatly anywhere else....

is there anything wrong with using the policy URL for non-URL text?

example: i sign my brothers key while meeting for lunch... i could ~just~
sign the key and leave it at that, or... i could specify the conditions of
the signature:
	This is my brother. I've known him since 1976 and verified his key
	in person.

is there a recommended way to include that information directly in my
signature on his key?

obviously, i could put that information on a web page, and use a policy
URL to direct people to that page (that page should be clearsigned txt?).
would it be a bad idea to just include that text in the policy URL space?

is there a good way to use the notation data for that type of information?


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