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> > is there anything wrong with using the policy URL for non-URL text?
> Yes.  Policy URLs are URLs.
> > example: i sign my brothers key while meeting for lunch... i could ~just~
> > sign the key and leave it at that, or... i could specify the conditions of
> > the signature:
> > 	This is my brother. I've known him since 1976 and verified his key
> > 	in person.
> >
> > is there a recommended way to include that information directly in my
> > signature on his key?
> Notations.
> Still, if you include all that information in the signature, you're
> making the signature larger.  A policy URL at least is small.

i still don't 'get' why the notation data is in the form: foo=bar
why not have just 'foo', or 'bar'?

also, can a policy url and/or notation data be included in a self


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