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> Once you have a @ character in the key, you are explicitly saying that
> the format of the value is defined by you.  You can thus put anything
> you like in there.  Since the IETF has not defined any "official"
> keys, GnuPG requires you to have that @ character.

ok... i may be slow, but i'm catching on.... ;)

so, there is an IETF name space and a user name space. any name that
includes "@" is part of the user name space, and any name that does not
include "@" is part of the IETF name space.

how am i doing so far?

now, since the IETF hasn't defined anything to be used in their name
space, that leaves the user name space, which should (must?) be in the
form of an email address (name at domain).

am i still doing ok?

so, what does IETF have planned for their notation data within openPGP
keys? of what practical use is it for user data? are there any examples of
some legitimate uses or planned uses?


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