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what are the (dis)advantages of pgp/mime vs in-line pgp?

of course, pgp/mime is an *official* standard, while in-line pgp is an
*unofficial* standard. why isn't in-line pgp *officially* recognized as an
email standard?

two reasons i like in-line pgp:

* i've only heard of one MUA that chokes on in-line pgp, but plenty of
MUAs can't handle pgp/mime.

* i've *never* had an in-line signature cause problems with someone's
poorly configured virus filter.

ok... a third reason that i like in-line pgp is because that's all i have
with pine.

disclaimer: yes, i've tried mutt a bunch of times... but i have pine set
up to do things that mutt can't emulate (no, really!).


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