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>  >I'm not sure, but I can imagine that there may be problems with line
>  >wrapping, too, on conversions to/ftom quoted-printable.
>  >
> I have noticed many non-valid inlined signatures but I have never ran into
> any problems with inlined encrypted (and signed) mail. Why? What's the
> difference? Does the encryption somehow protect the original mail (so the
> signature always will verify)? Can this knowledge be used to somehow
> improve the inlined signatures?

in a clearsigned email, lines can be longer than they should be... but an
inline encrypted email would have lines of interest no longer then 64
characters (excluding CR/NL) within the body of the email.

during decryption, the signature is checked as the message is being
decrypted, before the plain-text is output from gpg...

so if an MUA wraps text and tries to verify that (incorrectly) wrapped
text, the signature will fail.... but if an MUA decrypts a message, the
signature is verified before the text has a chance to wrap in the MUA.


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