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On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Len Sassaman wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Doug Barton wrote:

> > > Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Pine is under a "non-free" license, and
> > > the Pine authors have repeatedly rejected such patches.
> >
> > One could argue that large parts of this thread have been off topic for
> > this list, however I'm firmly of the opinion that the type of political
> > rhetoric about licenses that you've stated here is definitely off topic,
> > and personally I'd appreciate it if it was just skipped altogether.

that's not "political rhetoric", that's a point of fact regarding pine.

as long as it involves the USE of gpg, i'd say it's on topic here.

> > > They have no interest in OpenPGP support, period.
> >
> > I'm not sure this is accurate either, or at least I think you're being
> > too specific by mentioning OpenPGP. It would be safer to say that PGP
> > integration in general has not been a goal for the Pine development
> > team, and that it's handled fairly well by a variety of third party
> > plugins.
> It is handled horribly. Show me one good plugin that supports PGP well.
> PGP4Pine? pgpenvelope? I've been involved in the development/testing of
> both of those for years, and they both are horrible. It is the latter that
> I use, since it is the best that Pine can get us, but that doesn't mean it
> is good. This is a fault not of the authors of the plugins, but of the
> Pine plugin API.

they don't seem to have an interest in security, either (i say this after
raising security issues with the pine devel group, and receiving an
asinine response that demonstrated a serious lack of understanding about
security protocols). despite my own use of pine, this is evident in the
pine changelog. as i become more aware of these issues, my motivation to
migrate away from pine grows stronger.

len, have you tried ez-pine-gpg? it was written after i was disappointed
with the other gpg/pine filters.

> > In regards to the MIME issue, Pine doesn't give the user the ability to
> > manipulate attachments at all, so you can't create PGP MIME messages.
> A major flaw in Pine.

and a violation of the pgp/mime and s/mime RFCs.

> But none of this changes the fact that the answer to Pine's problems is
> *not* "go implement it yourself and it will all be better."

*if* the pine API even allows it...


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