not initialising in KMail 1.6.1

Neil Williams linux at
Sun Apr 18 00:49:10 CEST 2004

I've got openssl and accessory packages installed and working on Debian sid 
(unstable) to allow other email clients to verify Thawte style messages, but 
II can't get to initialise.

The message is signed, but the validity of the signature can't be verified.
Reason: Crypto plug-in "/usr/lib/cryptplug/" is not initialised.

what might I be missing?

I had to create .gnupg/gpgme.conf as it didn't exist before.

It now only contains:
agent-program /usr/bin/gpg-agent

It doesn't seem like a KMail config problem, although it's only KMail that 
I've set to use this plugin. Should I transfer this query to the KMail lists?


Neil Williams
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