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Neil Williams linux at
Sun Apr 18 20:36:36 CEST 2004

On Friday 16 April 2004 9:50, martin stojko wrote:
> hi,
> i use gnupg to generate a key and send this key to a
> local keyserver. this work.

You could check that the keyserver has actually accepted the key by using a 
web interface - that would prevent you losing the key.

What do you mean by local keyserver - does it synchronise with the other 
keyservers? Doesn't it have a web interface?

> then i delete the key from the local keyring.

why? You've probably now lost the secret key too.

Yet another useless key on the keyservers that cannot be deleted or revoked!

> after that i use:
> gpg --keyserver <host> --recv-keys <id>

This would only import the public key anyway - if you've generated this key, 
people searching the keyserver would be justified in hoping that you had the 
secret key for it!

> with "pgp keys" from it works without
> problems.

So have you got the secret key stored somewhere because any keyserver will 
only ever return the public key.


Neil Williams
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