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calling on our good friends alice and bob....

alice sends me (and only me) a message that's signed+encrypted. i need to
show bob that this message is signed by alice.

i can think of two ways to do this:
 1) i give bob a copy of the encrypted message, my secret key and my
	password, so he can decrypt the message and see that it's signed
	by alice. of course, this would be dumb.
 2) i can give bob a copy of the encrypted message, and the session key. i
	can instruct bob how to use the "--override-session-key" option.
	this requires that bob can understand and follow instructions.

question: is there a way to extract the signed message, including the
signature, from an encrypted message?

in other words, can i take alice's signed+encrypted message, and pass it
to bob either in plaintext or encrypted to bob's key, while still
maintaining alice's signature over her message?

of course, it must be ~possible~ to do this, but is there any ~practical~
way to do this?


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