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Dave Symonds dasymond at
Tue Apr 27 02:34:09 CEST 2004

On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 04:21:45PM -0700, Ian Bruce wrote:
> It appears to me that there is some mutual misunderstanding involved in
> this conversation. As far as I understand, the situation is as follows:


> Is that about right?

Yep, that all looks correct.

> Assuming that it is, I have to ask why you wouldn't just run the mail
> client on the laptop and avoid all the extra complication. You can then
> either tunnel the IMAP and SMTP connections over SSH or just use
> IMAP/SSL and SMTP/SSL directly.

That is a good point. I thought about that, but the three factors that stop me
doing that are:

	(1) The laptop is a (primarily) WinXP machine, which is a PITA to run
		mutt on to my satisfaction.
	(2) I'm not always using the laptop to read my mail, and I want to
		avoid the trouble of keeping mail settings (of which I have
		quite a lot) consistent.
	(3) IMAP/SMTP access to the mail server is not possible (firewalled)
		directly, so it would have to be tunnelled. Combined with (2),
		it seems a *lot* easier (except for the crypto stuff) to just
		ssh to the Sun and do all the mail stuff there.

I'm going to look into (1), but surely this kind of setup has been faced by
people before. Anyone seen something like this done?


David Symonds
USyd::SITRG::PhD Student

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