RSA Encryption / exchange with PGP

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Apr 27 18:21:21 CEST 2004

On Tue, 27 Apr 2004 09:35:09 -0500, David Hill said:

> and that worked perfectly. Then I
> went to the site and found I could license the
> IDEA algorithm for 15 euros per seat, and presto, the rouge IDEA dll

Just for the record: 

The primary reason GnuPG was written is to avoid exactly that patent
claim.  I am obviously not very lucky to hear that money is put into
the chests of the patent holder by means of software written to avoid

There is no technical reason for IDEA and actually it is a weaker
cipher than the modern ones (i.e. AES or Twofish) at least in terms of
block size.,


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