Encrypting from web form to file: permissions error

Atom 'Smasher' atom-gpg at suspicious.org
Thu Apr 29 20:15:55 CEST 2004

> I'm working on encrypting the output of a form on our website to a
> file, with the idea of then downloading the files from the web server
> and decrypting locally. I'm using PHP, like so (edited and line-wrapped
> for email):
> shell_exec("echo $for_encryption | /usr/bin/gpg -e --no-secmem-warning
> -ao \
>   /path/to/file.asc -r \"Keyname\"");

check out this app, and read the how-to...

it should do what you need.

in (almost) any case, you'll need to set the gpg directory to be writable
by the web browser.


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