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Josh Huber huber+gpg at
Thu Apr 29 22:49:54 CEST 2004

Jeff Fisher <jeff+gnupg at> writes:

> [...]

> There is also the e-mail address in the user id field, which should
> be unique and relatively constant, but little or none of the
> information on signing keys mentions verifying that the e-mail
> address is actually this person.  Yes, it's possible that someone
> else will take that e-mail address, but if several e-mail addresses
> are listed on the key, you can be relatively sure that you can still
> reach the person.

Before I sign someone's key, I like to verify the email addresses
associated with each UID.  I do this with a small emacs "plugin" which
uses Gnus to generate and send encrypted challenge messages to each
uid, given a keyid.

It's here:

For each uid, I generate a random challenge string.  I'll only sign
a uid if I get a matching challenge string back.

Maybe this is overkill, but I like it!

Josh Huber
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