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Mon Aug 2 20:00:58 CEST 2004

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Hi there..  i'm new to the list and to GPG and i want to implement it in the
office i work.. there are a lot of workes here, so I have many questions

1) Can I create all the keys in a single machine to export them to the other

2) I do not understand the trusting thing....
If I have a key - like a super key and it  y sign the other 100 keys (i think
it is signing.. i just tell to "trus" the other keys)   then... in the other
pc... i have trusted the super key....  Do i need to sign the other keys? or
when I sign the super key, I trust every single key the super key has signed?

3) How do i set a key server where I can search for public keys?  like ... in
mozilla-thunderbird... I can asign which is the key server to search for the
keys.... I want to add there MY server instead of the ones of the list:,,,

4)  for windows mail clients  the one I think is the best is thunderbird... I
I like the kmail style....   with the green background on a trusted mail...
how can get that on windows

I think those are the questions for now...  thanks
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