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Mon Aug 2 20:33:43 CEST 2004

Stuardo - StR - Rodriguez wrote:
> 1) Can I create all the keys in a single machine to export them to the other 
> machines?

Yes. I would create one keyring with all public keys and separate 
keyrings for the private keys on each machine.

> 2) I do not understand the trusting thing....
> If I have a key - like a super key and it  y sign the other 100 keys (i think 
> it is signing.. i just tell to "trus" the other keys)   then... in the other 
> pc... i have trusted the super key....  Do i need to sign the other keys? or 
> when I sign the super key, I trust every single key the super key has signed?

Basically, yes, if you define your model of trust to be that... But that 
is *your* decision. More on the Web of trust:

> 3) How do i set a key server where I can search for public keys?  like ... in 
> mozilla-thunderbird... I can asign which is the key server to search for the 
> keys.... I want to add there MY server instead of the ones of the list:
It seems most development happens (or used to happen) around PKS:

> 4)  for windows mail clients  the one I think is the best is thunderbird... I 
> I like the kmail style....   with the green background on a trusted mail...  
> how can get that on windows

The Enigmail extension for TB could support advanced email header 
templating. This is currently being discussed in this RFE (Request for 

Feel free to participate in the discussion.


Fabián Rodríguez
Montreal, QC, Canada
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