gpg: malformed CRC

vedaal at vedaal at
Wed Aug 4 22:09:09 CEST 2004

On Wed Aug 4 21:19:12 CEST 2004,  Daviv Shaw wrote:


> Can you post a short sample message that works with PGP but not GnuPG?

in general,
any armored pgp message that omits the checksum and the footer 
(both at once) will cause a GnuPG error message of:
'gpg: malformed CRC'
and be un-openable in GnuPG,
(unless the --ignore-crc-error option is used,
in which case, the error message is the same, but GnuPG will decrypt
but will still be able to be decrypted by PGP,
without any error messages.

it may be an e-mail or copying distortion of the original message.

(afaik), there is no 'untampered' type of PGP armored message that causes
an error message of 'malformed' crc


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