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>How can I download the public-key of a hushmail account?
>I can find no key server for it...
>and I can find no hushmail keys in other servers, too.

it's only on hushmail's keyserver, unless a hushmail user uploads it
to a regular keyserver

first, it is necessary to maake a hushmail account (free for 2mb)

once you have an account,
log on, and go to 'hushtools' and click on 'key management'
and you can get any hush public key, or even non-hush public key, if
a user has uploaded his/her 'other' public keys

(useful in that hush automatically verifies signed messages if it has
the signer's public key,
somewhat annoying, in that there is no arrangement to upload an entire
public keyring, but must be done key by key, pasting the public key block
into the interface window)

even despite what the add-on advertisement says,
i *really* am happy with them ;-)
in that their e-mail is pretty 'untraceable' by looking at the e-mail
(other nice options too, 
but i'll stop before it looks like a spam ad ;-)

(would sign, but hushmail mangles clearsigned messages)

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