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Werner Koch wk at
Tue Aug 24 14:10:18 CEST 2004

On Tue, 24 Aug 2004 11:19:25 +0100, edkay  said:

> gpg: encrypted with 1024-bit ELG-E key, ID 6860BBD6, created 2004-08-23

This goes to stderr and a mere 2>/dev/null make them unvisible.  To
parse the other status messages also sent to stderr by default, you
may use --status-fd 4 to direct them to a different file descriptor.

> (obviously the capitalised words are replaced with sensible values).

> These extra two lines are very frustrating since they add extra characters to
> the decrypted data. Whilst I could get my script to ignore the first two lines,
> this is not a very 'clean' solution and could cause unexpected problems later
> if GPG was upgraded to a more recent version.

> I searched the man pages for suitable options but haven't found any that
> suppress these extra lines. Any suggestions would be most gratefully received.

> Best regards,
> Edward

> PS: There is no ~/.gnupg/options file on either server.

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