Automatic Encryption

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Aug 26 13:57:02 CEST 2004

On Thu, 26 Aug 2004 10:25:42 +0200, Olaf Gellert said:

> P.S.: Sometimes I wonder what the options "--batch" and
>       "-notty" and "--yes" are good for if they are not

--batch  is used for unattended use and it should never ask the user.
--no-tty is hack to avoid the opening /dev/tty; I am not sure whether
         it is still useful.
--yes    Assume yes on some interactive prompts.  In some cases it
         does not get used becuase yes might not be the right answer
         on the question, although is is used with other questions.

As Atom wrote, you want to use the options

 --batch --trust-model always 


Atom, as you see, I have meanwhile learned that the very old option
--always-trust (orginally implemnted for Mutt) has been replaced by a
more flexible one ;-)

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