8-bit message encrypted by gnupg appears as 7-bit after decryption?

Jens commercial at acamedia.org
Thu Aug 26 19:30:09 CEST 2004

this might be a silly question but my curiosity has not been satisfied after 
three days of continuous web searching so i hope somebody will humour me.

kmail encodes some of my utf-8 emails as base64. this happens when i dont 
allow 8bit and when i type arabic.

my question is this: after an outgoing message is encrypted with gnupg the 
body of the message appears as 7bit. meaning that when it arrives as the 
recipient he/she will have no way of knowing the original encoding after 

does this never cause problems? how can the mua know whether the original 
email was 7bit, 8bit or base64?

i should also say that i have not had any problems but then again you rarely 
do when emailing yourself. i would just really like to know how the recipient 
knows what type of body he is dealing with.


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