Group use of keys

Mike Edwards Mike.Edwards at
Wed Dec 1 15:50:20 CET 2004

There was some subscription snafu with this list and I was wondering if 
it was just very low traffic!  I checked out the archives yesterday and 
saw that my post had been answered.  Thanks to everyone that helped me 
out.  I guess I have only scratched the surface using gpg and it was 
helpful to get a better understanding of what can/should be done--in a 
way that a man page can't.

atom: Our customers are using PGP because of the HIPPA laws and their 
customers' privacy concerns in general.  Some make us use laborious 
methods such as DHL electronic file shipping and the like, but we prefer 
to get encrypted files over FTP.  Really allows for easier automation.

Thanks again!

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