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Chris De Young chd at
Wed Dec 8 01:18:31 CET 2004

>>Many of the messages going to this mailing list also have digital
>>signatures.  I have no problem verifying the signatures that are clear
>>signed; however, those messages with an attached signature always fail
>>the verification.

Do you mean that your mail client doesn't know what to do with them (in 
which case I agree with the replies that you've already gotten, and I've 
used both Mutt and Thunderbird with good results), or does your mail 
program understand what they are and what to do with them, but the 
signatures do not appear to be valid?

If it's the latter problem, you may have something at the MTA level mucking 
with the MIME parts of the message before it gets to your inbox.  Adding a 
signature or corporate disclaimer or something maybe (though that's usually 
a problem on the outgoing side), or wrapping lines for some (really no) 
reason, or doing something else to somehow alter the message?

All these things and the many variations on them are all broken, but they 
do happen anyway.

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