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Wed Dec 8 20:56:28 CET 2004

Yes, using Thunderbird from home is an option.  Using Thunderbird at
work would also be an option if it could directly communicate with the
Exchange servers the same way Outlook does. 

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On Wednesday 08 December 2004 6:00 pm, Don Ferguson wrote:
> In this case it happens to be the corporate version of Outlook with
> Exchange server.

Why not post from home?

> That's also why using other email clients really isn't 
> an option.  So as things stand for now, I may need to accept that I
> won't be able to verify PGP/MIME signatures attached to the messages.
> While it would be nice to be able to do this with Outlook, I can live
> without it for now.

But old-style inline signatures are deprecated for very good reasons.
is the future of GnuPG/PGP signatures. You really ought to use a
email client. It isn't impossible, no matter what the corporate
you could use Mozilla Thunderbird - on a USB stick if necessary.


Neil Williams

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