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Mon Dec 13 20:23:17 CET 2004

On Sun, Dec 12, 2004 at 06:36:34PM -0600, Stewart V. Wright wrote:
> G'day Neil,
> * Neil Williams <linux at> [041212 06:30]:
> > Rumour:
> > Keys uploaded to the new keyserver result in an email to the main email 
> > address of the key to see if the email address in the key actually exists and 
> > is functional and, if so, the key is signed by PGP's Global Directory 
> > Verification Key.
> Well, in my experience this is probably the stupidest keyserver (or 
> coders?) on the net.
> I received an email asking me to verify a key that has been revoked!

Even worse, since the "challenges" aren't encrypted to the [Open]PGP
key being "verified," they aren't even verifying that the keys can be
used for "opportune encryption."  (Has anyone tried registering a
signing-only key with this keyserver yet?  :)

RobotCA, , encrypts its "challenges"
to GPG's choice of encryption [sub]key for the [pub]key, so a
decrypted, published signature from RobotCA means the key was useful
for encryption when and as it was submitted to RobotCA and for
subsequent decryption by a/the keyholder. doesn't issue signatures but should be able
to support HKP-style key lookups for keys it verifies (by emailing an
encrypted "challenge" at signup) fairly easily.

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