[GEAM] decryption not works

Stefan Bielenberg blade at cs.tu-berlin.de
Tue Dec 14 11:21:16 CET 2004


I installed GEAM as a Content-Filter in Postfix and it works fine.
The filters work like this:

Mail -> postfix (port 25) -> geam (port 10026) ->
-> amavis (Port 10024) -> postfix (port 10025) ->
-> Mail-Auslieferung

But there are any problems and questions:

1. only encryption works

2. where are saved the passwords for decryption

3. incoming encrypted mail are encrypted twice for the same user, if 
exists a option for encrypt outgoing mail for this user

4. incoming encrypted mails are not handle like an encrypted mails

What can I do. Are my inner-host/outer-host configuration not right?
Whats wrong with my configuration? Are there docs or mailing list for 
this thema?


My Configuration:

sb at ulgeta.com  gpg  123743F24998082

stefan at thonsa.de : stefan at thonsa.de
sb at ulgeta.com : DECRYPT

stefan at thonsa.de  gpg D04B12C6

port 10026
inner-host-name localhost
inner-host-port 10024
outer-host-name localhost
outer-host-port 10024

# To avoid mailloops, messages with more that this number
# of "Received" headers are not delivered to the smarthost.
#received_headers_max 30

gpg-program /usr/bin/gpg
gpg-homedir /etc/geam/gpg

# The default log file is /var/log/geam/geamd to specify another,
# use this option.  "-" denotes to use stderr for logging
# which will also disable the timestamps.
log-file /var/log/geam/geamd.log

debug 255

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