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Hi !

>As the author of WinPT I'm of course not ingenuous. But let me say some
>WinPT is _not_ unmaintained. I work on it whenever it's possible and
>I also fixed a lot of bugs recently. The problem is that the SourceForge
>website is a little outdated.

Thanks, I am glad to hear that.
Yes the site is a bit outdated.

>I recommend to use 0.9.x whenver it is possible (last version is 0.9.14)
>and this website which always has up-to-date files:

Will have a look.
Has the problem which is discussed on the winpt forum about the GnuPG
binary been resolved ?

>_But of course the user has the freedom to decide what front-end to use_.

Timo, let me say that I am very grateful for your work on WinPT.
It is a lot of unpaid, and very often unthanked for work, and I am sure you
have a real life as well ;-) .
Be assured we appeciate it a lot, and special thanks for making it open

There are some things which drive me mad in WinPT though:

If I try to delete keys in the keymanager it crashes. (WinXP)
It failes to capture text from websites in firefox.
It does not allow to do symmetric decryption of the clipboard.

Is there any way we/I can help ?


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