Choosing the Hash and cyphering algorithm

npellegr at npellegr at
Mon Dec 20 17:07:33 CET 2004

Hi all, 

Just an issue I hope somebody could help me with  :

1) How could I specify (whether it's possible!) what hash algorithm: MD5, SHA-1
TIGER ... (Ok i'm joking for MD5 !!) I want to use for signing ?

2) The same for symmetric cyphering, is possible to specify i need to use DES or
AES or 3-DES ?

3) Is it possible (like it's likely done during the signing step) to cypher
something using my RSA secret key ?

I can't see anything about it on the man page so ... because the
features page says it's compatible with those cryptosystems i'm wondering how
to use it using the command line.

Perhaps in the gpg.conf file but i can't find all available options.

Thank's for help !

Nicolas Pellegrin
n.pellegrin at

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