Readline support in 1.4

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Tue Dec 21 20:28:27 CET 2004

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David Shaw wrote:
> There was a little problem with the autoconf check for readline in
> 1.4.0.  It's already been fixed for 1.4.1, but the fix is too large
> for me to just send to you as a patch.
> The problem is that on some platforms, readline needs other
> libraries as a sub-dependency (usually termcap or curses).  It seems
> that FC2 is one of those platforms.

Thanks for the info.

> You might try doing:
>   LIBS="-ltermcap" ./configure

I tried this (as well as with -lcurses and -lncurses) and while this
does succeed in building with readline support, I don't think it's
right still.  Tabbing at the Command> prompt for --edit-key completes
the file names in the current dir, not the command names like I'd
expect.  I suppose I'll just wait until 1.4.1 or give CVS a try to see
if it behaves differently.

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