Choosing the Hash and cyphering algorithm

npellegr at npellegr at
Wed Dec 22 14:34:42 CET 2004

Thank's for all Atom !

It works.

Almost ... actually I still can't force gpg to use the secret RSA key to

gpg -aer [long_or_short_key_id]! [file] => it uses the public key anyway
whithout asking for a special subkey. 

Actually with gpg i can't see the difference between the private key and the
public key whereas i know there is a big one ;).

The two keys fingerprints of the pair must be different but i can't see it and
moreover it looks like pub=sec.

By using : 
gpg --list-keys
gpg --list-secret-keys

the only difference is the "pub" and "sec" field whereas it should'nt.

Finally i tried  : 

gpg -aer [long_or_short_key_id]!sec[file] => error
gpg -aer [long_or_short_key_id] [file] => normal using
gpg -aer [long_or_short_key_id]![file] => idem

Is it possible to separate the secret key from the public one?

Nicolas Pellegrin

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