Decrypting HTML Pages as e-mails

Thorsten Haude linux at
Thu Dec 23 01:18:08 CET 2004


* David Jourard wrote (2004-12-22 22:42):
>I have a couple of clients who have some web forms submitted and sent as 
>encrypted e-mails using gpg.
>I would like to have the forms when decrypted program formatted as an HTML 
>document. (I'm using pgp to do the decryption on a Win32 machine.)

I haven't tried, but from your description it sounds as if Mutt should
be able to work.

I fear that Digital Rights Management today is Political Rights Management
tomorrow. That embedding these kinds of technological controls into the very
architecture of computing has the capacity to become a form of political
control in the not so distant future.
    -  John Perry Barlow
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