The disadvantages of online KSP

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As already discussed in another thread, there will be a keysigning party
for Flanders (Belgium) and the Netherlands. This KSP will take place
online (via IRC) and the participants won't meet eachother in real life.

Naturally, the biggest disadvantage is that you can't verify that the
person really is who he says he is. You can check if the e-mailadres
belongs to him, but there is no way of knowing if he is an impostor or not.

But then again, you can never know for sure that someone is an imposter or
not. There are a lot of people who share exactly the same name. Even if
you check their identity in real life, one of them can mislead you...

There are also people who use nicknames in their key IDs and their email
addresses. You can't check their identity, because AFAIK your nickname
isn't on your driving license or on you passport.

Or am I missing something here?
And has online KSP other disadvantages?

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