The disadvantages of online KSP

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Sun Dec 26 05:27:13 CET 2004

On Sat, 25 Dec 2004, Ben Branders wrote:

> Or am I missing something here?
> And has online KSP other disadvantages?

where's the party? that's just a key-signing.

if you can't do any in-person identity checking, it's not much different 
than just sending an email to anyone with a key and signing it if they 

i at least hope that no one would sign one of these keys with anything 
other than a level 0-1 signature, but certainly people will sign with 
other levels.

really, this is terribly insecure... someone (other than the real ben 
branders) could register ben_branders at hotmail (or something) and collect 
signatures on it? that's just asking for trouble. if i know that someone 
participated in such insecure and irresponsible key signing practices i 
would have to NOT trust any signatures made with their key:
 	gpg --edit-key 0x12345678
 	2 - I do NOT trust


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