GPG wants to check trustdb every day

Neil Williams linux at
Mon Dec 27 11:40:30 CET 2004

On Monday 27 December 2004 3:01 am, Walt Mankowski wrote:
> I'm running version 1.2.4 of gpg, from the Debian's 1.2.4-4 package of
> gnupg.  Several days ago I noticed that gpg suddenly wants to start
> rechecking the trustdb every single day.  Prior to this, it was just
> checking it every month or so.
> Here's the output from "gpg --check-trustdb":
> % gpg --check-trustdb
> gpg: public key 98645519 is 43099 seconds newer than the signature

When did you import 0x98645519?

From the keyserver output, it would seem that there is an oddity with the 
pub  1024R/98645519 1998-10-14 Jeremy Blosser
     Key fingerprint = 1D D8 8E 3C 3E 19 74 EB  2F 70 EA 79 4B 50 D3 B5
sig  0x10  98645519 1998-10-13  [selfsig]
uid                            Jeremy Blosser
sig  0x10  98645519 1998-10-13  [selfsig]

Does removing this key eliminate the check-trustdb problem?

Maybe if the keyholder edits the key (e.g. set the passphrase again (same one, 
just repeat it), his copy of gpg will put a new self-sig on the key to solve 
this problem?

> As far as I know I haven't changed anything.  /usr/bin/gpg was last
> changed on 2004-02-23, and ~/.gnupg/options was changed on 2003-07-30.
> I've tried running "gpg --rebuild-keydb-caches" but that didn't help.
> Anyone know what else might be causing this?

I'd blame the key before gpg.


Neil Williams

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