Compile GnuPG 1.4 under cygwin?

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Tue Dec 28 03:14:19 CET 2004

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Jeroen Budts wrote:
> Hi!
> Is it possible to compile GnuPG 1.4.0 using cygwin on WinXP?
> When i try to run the configure script everything seems to work fine 
> (see output below), but when i then do 'make' i get some errors..
> Do i need to modify some files?
> I searched google for a while but couldn't find any manual or howto..
> I am totally new to compiling programs this way and i have in fact as 
> good as no experience with linux but i'm willing to learn and slowly i'm 
> moving from windows to linux...
> thx! (and sorry if this is a stupid question...)
> Jeroen Budts

Hi Jeroen,

There are no stupid questions, however, the nonexistence of stupid answers
has yet to be proven. 8-})

There always seems to be some additional changes to Cygwin builds. You
might want to look at the existing Cygwin GnuPG source, IIRC, version
1.2.4 - there's a 90k patch to the gnupg tarball.

Since you're coming from a Windows environment, you should probably
consider MinGW/MSys with a few optional pieces from the SourceForge
GnuWin32 project.

GnuPG builds fine out-of-the-box with MinGW and doesn't have the
additional Cygwin-1.dll dependency.  You'll have some dependencies such as
zlib, bzip2, and iconv unless you static link that code.

If you want I can share my experience with your and get you started.
Just email me at this address.

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