1.4.0: gpgkeys_hkp: cygwin1.dll, cygminires.dll not found

A. Alper Atici alperatici at ttnet.net.tr
Wed Dec 29 19:41:03 CET 2004


Using --send-keys/--recv-keys commands with a Cygwin build of
gnupg-1.4.0 does not succeed due to missing dll's. 
It seems the executables in /usr/sbin/gnupg do not honor the Cygwin
PATH (unless I've screwed sth up).
Copying the said dll's into /usr/sbin/gnupg solves this issue, but I
don't want multiple copies of libraries floating around, nor want to
add Cygwin bin dir to Windows PATH.

Can anyone repeat/confirm this issue?

A. Alper Atici               OpenPGP KeyID: 0xB824F550

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