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Kyle Hasselbacher kyle at
Thu Dec 30 21:43:03 CET 2004

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| On Thu, 30 Dec 2004, Kyle Hasselbacher wrote:
|>> I signed it because I wrote it and run it.

| that's a good reason. should i look for a 0x13 sig from the GD key to
| you? i can't find that you and the GD key have exchanged signatures.

No, sorry, I was talking about the Robot CA key (C521097E).  It and I have
certainly exchanged signatures.  I'm on the GD, so I have its signature (if
you ask the GD for it), but I haven't signed the GD key.  If I ever do, it
will be to certify that it is what it says it is (a dumb key signer).  Like
my other signatures, that's not an endorsement of its key signing policy,
just certification of identity.

| for everyone else who gave it an exportable signature and didn't write
| it and isn't running it, i still think that their behavior should an
| earn them a place in my "untrusted signers" list.

Fine with me; it's your list.  8-)

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