Biglumber Keyserver (was: Global Directory signatures)

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Fri Dec 31 16:29:47 CET 2004

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- --- Greg Sabino Mullane <greg at> wrote:

> I've been working on this problem for a while, and finally had
> a chance during this past break to hash out some final issues.
> I'm going to be expanding biglumber soon into a "real"
> keyserver. However, it's going to be a little different from
> other keyservers. The main difference is that the owner of a
> key will have complete control of their public key. This means
> that (for example)

> - --recv-key will work, but --send-keys may* not.

> If you want to make a change to your public key, you must
> authenticate (currently via web/email, but either alone
> someday). In addition, the keyserver will only have entries
> from people who are either in the strong set or who have added
> their key to biglumber directly. I consider the fact that
> anyone can upload another person's changed public key to a
> keyserver a potential Denial of Service, and thus will not
> allow it.

> * Keys in the strong set will be allowed to be updated
> "anonymously" until such time as the owner logs in to
> biglumber, at which point it switches over to a "owner update
> only" key.

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Time: 12/31/2004 9:09:03 AM (12/31/2004 3:09:03 PM UTC)
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It sounds like a great resource for PGP/GPG users everywhere,
but what about the costs--bandwidth, bug tracking, and time
communicating with "customers"? Maybe bandwidth is not much of
an issue with PGP keyservers--I don't know. But, I like to see
people get paid for their work, and their time educating users.

No good deed goes unpunished. :-)

Good Luck, Randy

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