Encrypting a file to multiple recipients

Mazzer Cassio-ACM125 ACM125 at motorola.com
Thu Dec 30 17:26:38 CET 2004


I'm trying to encrypt a file using a list of recipients.

For instance, I have a file called test.txt and I want to encrypt this file to send to multiple recipients (recipient_01 and recipient_02).

I'm using the following command line (I have tested and it works):

gpg --yes -r "recipient_01" -r "recipient_02" -e test.txt -o test_encrypted.txt.gpg.

This command works fine. 

However, I'd like to know if I really have to repeat the "-r" before each recipient or if there is a way of executing this command typing something like 
gpg --yes -r--list-recipients "recipient_01" "recipient_02" -e test.txt 

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