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On Wed, Feb 04, 2004 at 11:33:50PM -0500, Todd wrote:
>Atom 'Smasher' wrote:

>> for signing attachments, i would either:
>>  a) attach a signature for each attachment
>> 	(doubling the number of attachments)
>>  b) specify the hash of any attachments in the body, and sign the body
>> i prefer the latter.
>That sounds like a lot of extra work.  And it does nothing for you if
>you want to encrypt those attachments as well as ensure that they
>arrive intact.

One thing I've wanted once in a while, that PGP/MIME doesn't deliver, is
signatures that I can separate from the email.  The signature on a PGP/MIME
message is over the whole MIME part, MIME headers and all.  If I want to
save just an attachment (or just the text part) and retain the signature, I
can't, because the signature is over the whole message.

It's not really a big deal, of course.  Once I see I have a valid file from
someone, I can sign the file myself to verify later.  Still, I look at
PGP/MIME signatures as something of a waste because they're signing stuff
that's tangential to the "real" signed data.

>Many old pine users really like mutt if they give it a try.  If you
>use PGP/GPG on a regular basis, I don't think mutt can be beat by any
>other MUA, certainly not any other text-mode MUA's I've seen.  But
>again, that's just my opinion.

I used Pine before Mutt.  I recall the transition being easy, but that was
a long time ago.  Things change, and memory fades.  My Mutt config still
has some keys bound to their Pine meanings.

>That's always a handy thing.  In mutt, you have the power of hooks
>that allow you to specify per folder, per sender, per reply, etc, what
>actions to take.  By default, I sign all messages.  I have a list of
>people I always encrypt and sign messages to.  I also have a list of
>people I never sign messages to.  Then I use inline most of the time
>but for a few folks and mailing lists I use PGP/MIME.  Lastly, when I
>reply to non-list mail, I have mutt look for some X-Mailer and
>User-Agent headers of MUA's that are known to support PGP/MIME and I
>send in that format when I reply to those users.  That sort of fine
>grained control is what I love most about mutt.

I'd be interested in seeing your config for these things.  It sounds like
the kind of stuff I've wanted to do but hadn't figured out how.
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