Are .ems attachments necessary?

Ingo Klöcker ingo.kloecker at
Fri Feb 6 02:26:18 CET 2004

On Friday 06 February 2004 01:47, Todd wrote:
> W. D. wrote:
> > I just joined this group a few days ago, and am finding that some
> > of the email messages are contained in .ems attachments.  I don't
> > understand why this is necessary.  Can't the text be put in the
> > body of email?
> Those message do contain text/plain message bodies.  Your MUA is
> simply not displaying them as such because it does not support the
> PGP/MIME RFCs, 2015 and 3156, the latter of which supersedes the
> former.

I just want to remark that any MIME-compliant (RFCs 2045-2048) email 
client is able to display multipart/signed messages correctly. Outlook 
Express is not MIME-compliant (which is the main reason why the 
deprecated clearsigning is still used nowadays). And at least Eudora 
5.1 also seems to have problems with MIME-compliance.

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