copy GNUPG keys for user from one box to another

Steve Butler sbutler at
Thu Feb 5 19:26:23 CET 2004

Some folks already have another keyring on the other end.  I have one on the
windows box which has some keys I don't want on the Linux box.  And the
other way also from the Linux side.

Folks should know how to do an --export --import (with appropriate varients)
in addition to cp, mv, ftp, tar, copy, rename, and a host of other methods.

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gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:

>> gpg --export --armor | ssh <user at remotemachine> gpg --import
>I missed the beginning of this thread, but if your plan is to
>migrate secret keys too, you'll need --export-secret-keys (and
>possibly --export-all, if you've got some keys that don't fit the
>OpenPGP standards).

Why so complicated? Why not just copy or ftp/scp the entire keyrings?

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