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Theoretically, anything is possible.  One coder claimed he would only trust
encryption code HE compiled with a compiler HE built on an OS he
bootstrapped from source with a small model compiler.  That's a little
EXTREME, but you get the idea.  

Even thoroughly checked open source code can have backdoors installed
surreptitiously by secretive three-lettered agencies. Frankly, the nations
that have the technology to do that are few, and in the rest, cost makes
beating the information out of you MUCH cheaper.  I use GPG for business
communications only.  If the U.S. Feds really want to break through my
encryption, they would find I am using it to comply with laws THEY
wrote--namely HIPAA.  

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I'm currently on break in a security class where someone has mentioned the 
backdoor NAI put in PGP.  Since Gnupg is open source can/does something like

this exist?

Thanks.  And yes I checked the FAQ first :/

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