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>Our organization has a partner who claims that version 7.0.1 of
>PGP is incompatible with all versions of GnuPG (as well as PGP
>v8.0.2).  Basically, this person has stated that GnuPG defaults
>to AES256, AES192, and AES128 symmetric algorithms as the
>preferred symmetric algorithms when creating a key, and that
>this is the cause of the incompatibility.

this is not really the main cause; 

GnuPG does not default to AES unless one goes out of the way to ask it
to do so

PGP 8.x 'does' default to AES unless specifically changing the options
'not' to do so.

(possibly a 'suggestion' to open-pgp implementations,
that if 3DES is a 'must' , then maybe all implementations should 
default to 3DES first, with users having to change that on their own,

with appropriate cautions)

the biggest incompatibility problem with importing keys into pgp 7.x,
 is that it doesn't understand the new secret key protection format,
which both GnuPG and PGP 8.x use by default

in GnuPG, use the simple-s2k option, and change the passphrase and then
export the key

in PGP, make the passphrase 'blank' (no passphrase), export it,
and then re-do the passphrase in 7.x



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