v4 rsa subkey peculiarity

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>Subject: Re: v4 rsa subkey peculiarity
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>GnuPG will always try and use a subkey
>rather than the primary, 
why should this be for 'signing' as well as for 'encrypting'?

if subkeys are intended primarily for encrypting, and the master key
primarily for signing,
then it would seem reasonable that GnuPG should try to use the master
for signing, and the subkey for encrypting,
and allow for user preferences by having the user '!' appropriately

(doesn't really matter either way,
but this was the source of my confusion)

>If you don't want this to happen, put a ! after the keyid.  You
>put this in the gpg.conf file if you like:
>  default-key xxxxx!
>  local-user xxxxx!

that worked perfectly.


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