Install gnupg on a network drive (win2K)

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>Sometimes I feel the need to be able to encrypt files when I'm at
>school. It is not necessary that it is a very strong encryption
>symmetric encryption is good enough, 
>At school we use Windows 2000 Pro workstations and every student
>has a
>personal network drive.
>So does anyone know if it is possible to install GnuPG on a network
>drive (so that it works on every computer in the network without
>having to setup every time you're using a different computer?) Or
>anybody has an alternative?

use pgp 2.x
doesn't require any setup, ever,
runs from the floppy,
and easily symmetrically encrypts any file,
or, just as easily, encrypts it to a (v3 - usable in gnupg) key
(Disastry's version can encrypt to any algorithm, without using IDEA,
 if this is an issue for you)

if your systems have usb ports,
you can have the entire gnupg program set up on a digital camera memory
the computer reads the camera-usb memory as just another read/write drive,

and doesn't care what kind of data you have on it
{just don't try to 'view' the encrypted files from the camera ;-)}


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