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gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:
>>No, sorry, it doesn't just ask you for an e-mail, and your name.. It
>>brings you to a page where you can *purchase* a certificate. Among the
>>companies listed is VeriSign.
> Okay, well, there's another reason not to use this method of
> cryptographic signature: it costs money. It costs money
> legitimately, of course, since VeriSign and (less dispicable, imho)
> companies like them employ people whose job it is to verify that you
> really are who you say you are before they sign your certificate.

There are several free S/MIME certificate sites. Thawte and CACert
offer free certificates. A fee only comes in if you can't find a local
"notary" to assure your identity. Granted Thawte was bought by
Verisign several years ago.

It's also possible to create certificates using OpenSSL, but they
won't be automatically trusted unless the root certificate is also
imported into Outlook / IE / Mozilla / <Insert_Browser_or_MUA>.

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