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Peter Valdemar Mørch swp5jhu02 at
Sun Feb 15 17:47:22 CET 2004

Markus Innerebner |Lists| wrote:
> Hello,
> Iwant to install the Newsgroup Account for my Browser. So I need the 
> name of this news-server.  I tried to find it, but I wasn't able.
> Can somebody give me the name please?
> best regards

It sounds to me like there is a slight confusion of terms going on here.
gnupg-users is a mailing list, not a newsgroup.

(Although I personally wish all mailing lists, including this one, 
*were* newsgroups instead.)

And you really don't use your "browser" for news. News (Usenet) uses a 
protocol called NNTP, and some email clients can do News or NNTP in 
addition to handle email. Mozilla, Thunderbird and Outlook Express, 
spring to mind. Or you can use a dedicated news-reader. And as you 
correctly have discovered, you'll need a news server to connect to. 
Mostly that server is offered by our ISP, and the news server I use is 
probably not accessible to you. Ask/browse your ISP and ask/look for the 
usenet/news/NNTP server - probably in the same place they list their 
SMTP/mail outgoing server.

To confuse the matter a little bit, Google offers a web interface to 
read news, and calls them "groups" instead. See
But you will not find gnupg-users there, because gnupg-users is not a 
newsgroup - it is a mailing list - not the same thing.

Hope that helps a little. If not, feel free to email me directly - but 
if it is a mailing list / newsgroup in general topic, lets keep it off 
the list...


Peter Valdemar Mørch

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