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Gordon Worley redbird at
Wed Feb 18 18:41:37 CET 2004

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Hi, everyone.

For the past few weeks I've been trying to find a replacement 
administrator for the Mac GPG Project.  I'm glad to report that 
Alexander Nouak, our current Webmaster, translation coordinator, 
installer constructor, and generally all-hands person is going to 
become the new administrator for the project.

I'm resigning for several reasons.  Primarily, I'm burnt out.  I just 
don't have the motivation to do the job anymore.  After three years of 
dealing with the project on an almost daily basis, doing a lot of the 
development and coordination, I'm spent of energy for the project.

Also, my interests have changed.  I still think cryptography is 
interesting and important, but as I move to graduate school I'm 
focusing more of my time on research and less of it on producing 
software for end users.  The reading and writing I need to do for my 
research interests is a lot of fun, but also time consuming, reducing 
time for Mac GPG.

Finally, because of my time restraints and loss of enthusiasm, I felt 
that continuing on as your administrator would be a disservice to the 
project.  You need someone more active, and I think Alexander fills 
this role.  I'm confident that he will take the project in exciting 

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has used the software.  
It's gratifying to know that you can affect many people's lives, 
helping them protect their privacy and, in some cases, their lives!  
I'm very appreciative of all the support I've received over the years 
from countless users who wrote in to say "thanks".  Well, this is my 
big thank you to everyone.  You guys really are the best group of users 
a developer could ask for.

Although I'm moving on, I'm sure this is not the last time I'll contact 
some of you.  Paths often converge unexpectedly and I look forward to 
colliding with some of you in the future.  :-)

So long, and thanks for all the crypts!

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                Gordon Worley
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